Monday, June 22, 2009

A Mysterious Fishing Trip

On my last vacation my friends and I went fishing on the Araguaia River. As soon as we arrived, we put up ours tents on a beach and set up our fishing equipment.
Next day, on sundown, I drove the boat towards a big lagoon connected to the river bank. Suddenly, I realized that the boat was being carried by a strange current to the middle of the lagoon. It was twilight and I could see a different boat on the lake, I supposed it might be another fisherman that was approaching my boat.
So, I saw an alien that had a big head and huge eyes who asked me: "Human, why are you destroying nature? Take care of your planet in order to survive!!" After that, he went away to his spaceship and disappeared in front of my eyes.
I thought that creature might have been produced by my imagination and this story was unbelievable. However, next day, I saw a sentence carved on my boat "Remember to take care of nature!". It was an evidence to prove to my friends my unquestionable story!
What about you? Did you buy this story?
By Leonel Magno

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who has the truth? A modern-day version of Solomon's Judgement

There’s a Blog on the internet, which was made by a friend of David Goldman’s and people who want David’s son, Sean, to go back to his father’s home in the United States.
This case is raising awareness to the point that Goldman is accompanied by a TV crew to document the triumphant return of the father.
I’ve been reading and hearing lots about the case, but I haven’t decided against or in favor of David’s winning custody of Sean.
It’s hard to decide and choose the best side, because both sides have good arguments that explain their points of view. I feel sorry for the father, but I’m not sure if the son will be comfortable going back to live in the U.S.A after spending five years with his grandmother and his little brother.
I hope that the Supreme Court find a solution that will be better for Sean.
By Marcia Valentim

She is a phenomenon

A 48-year-old woman, Susan Boyle was suddenly known all over the world through the Internet and the media. On April 29 she enchanted the world with her lovely voice after singing “I Dream a Dream” from Les Miserables, in the British television reality show “Britain’s Got Talent”. Boyle, who was briefly deprived of oxygen when she was born, was diagnosed as having learning difficulties. She is unemployed and an active volunteer with “Our Lady of Lourdes”, a Roman Catholic Parish. She has never married and declared never to have been kissed as well. She has been singing in church since she was 12 years old. She lives alone with her pussy cat. Her mother, who died in 2007 at the age of 91, had always encouraged her to enter local singing competitions, and tried to persuade her to enter Britain’s Got the Talent. Only after her mother’s death, did Susan feel ready to do so in tribute to her mother. Although she did not win the first place, many would say she is a big star.
by Sandra Lopes

New Monumental Square in Monumental Brasilia

A new square was designed to be built on the “Esplanada dos Ministério” in Brasilia.
This is the "Praça da Soberania" designed by Oscar Niemeyer to occupy the space beside the Bus station.
In addition to a daring futuristic design, the architect designed a huge underground parking for thousands of cars.
Like all new work in Brasilia, the idea of the "Praça da Soberania” has generated much controversy, with some for and some against it.
I liked the project, I think it complements the Esplanade and has the touch of genius of Oscar Niemeyer. I believe that project should be built.
By Clever Sonja Barra