Monday, June 22, 2009

A Mysterious Fishing Trip

On my last vacation my friends and I went fishing on the Araguaia River. As soon as we arrived, we put up ours tents on a beach and set up our fishing equipment.
Next day, on sundown, I drove the boat towards a big lagoon connected to the river bank. Suddenly, I realized that the boat was being carried by a strange current to the middle of the lagoon. It was twilight and I could see a different boat on the lake, I supposed it might be another fisherman that was approaching my boat.
So, I saw an alien that had a big head and huge eyes who asked me: "Human, why are you destroying nature? Take care of your planet in order to survive!!" After that, he went away to his spaceship and disappeared in front of my eyes.
I thought that creature might have been produced by my imagination and this story was unbelievable. However, next day, I saw a sentence carved on my boat "Remember to take care of nature!". It was an evidence to prove to my friends my unquestionable story!
What about you? Did you buy this story?
By Leonel Magno

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