Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who has the truth? A modern-day version of Solomon's Judgement

There’s a Blog on the internet, which was made by a friend of David Goldman’s and people who want David’s son, Sean, to go back to his father’s home in the United States.
This case is raising awareness to the point that Goldman is accompanied by a TV crew to document the triumphant return of the father.
I’ve been reading and hearing lots about the case, but I haven’t decided against or in favor of David’s winning custody of Sean.
It’s hard to decide and choose the best side, because both sides have good arguments that explain their points of view. I feel sorry for the father, but I’m not sure if the son will be comfortable going back to live in the U.S.A after spending five years with his grandmother and his little brother.
I hope that the Supreme Court find a solution that will be better for Sean.
By Marcia Valentim

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